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The Grand Pier’s
Ultimate Halloween Experience




This October, The Grand Pier will be opening its doors after dark for the return of Halloween Unfairground.

Forget what you think you know about this funfair attraction, once darkness falls over the bay, the pier descends into madness and mayhem.
The fairground has been overrun by all manner of terrifying creatures and characters, all of whom are just dying to get their hands on any unsuspecting victims who cross their path in search of a good time.

Get ready to scream, you’re in the Unfairground now...

Discover our Scare Mazes...

Cirque du Fear

This used to be The Greatest Show on Earth...

Prepare to enter a world of magic and illusion where nothing is quite what it seems. This once-great illusionist has a way of making people disappear, but will you be able to find your way back to reality?


The Freak Show has been cancelled. Abandoned by their once-great showman, and left alone in the dark, the freaks have turned wild and dangerous.

After a lifetime of being stared at, they’re out for revenge now: if you look at them, they’ll take your eyes.

The only way through their lair is not to see anything at all…


A night at the circus has taken a terrifying turn as killer clowns roam the Big Top.

You won’t be laughing when they come for you…

House of Horrors

Climb aboard the Ghost Train and be transported to a world of darkness where things really do go bump in the night.

All manner of ghouls, zombies and creatures of the night are lurking in the black around every corner – will everyone who boards get off again at the other end?

New for 2019!

Puppet Museum New for 2019!

Every lonely little boy needs some toys to play with, and you look like the perfect plaything!

Enter the lair of the infamous Puppet Master, a ruthless killer who delights in turning his victims into his own personal toys. Can you escape without becoming part of his collection?

New for 2019!

Street FEARtre New for 2019!

A travelling troupe of sideshow novelties has descended into madness and mayhem, led by a sinister Ringmaster who has them all under his spell...

Alongside our terrifying live scare mazes, we will have an immersive street theatre team providing entertainment (and maybe even a few extra scares) throughout the night.

Ticket Options

Fast Track Tickets

- Admission
- Fast-track entry to all scare mazes (single entry only)
- Immersive street theatre
- Unlimited rides


Standard Tickets

- Admission
- Entry to all scare mazes (single entry only)
- Immersive street theatre
- Unlimited rides


Scaredy Cat Tickets

- Admission
- Immersive street theatre
- Unlimited rides
(Join your friends without the scares)


Doors open at 7pm, scare mazes, rides and attractions close at 11pm (queues close at 10:30pm).
Last entry at 9pm. Food served in the bar from 7-10pm and bar open until late.

6 Nights of Terror...

Extra Information

This event has been created to be very scary and is suitable for adults and older children.

Recommended age is no less than 12 years old and children less than 16 years old must be accompanied by an 18+ responsible adult.

Children remain the responsibility of a responsible adult at all times.

Strobe lighting and smoke machines are used across the site.

This event is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart conditions or breathing problems. However, ultimately it is an individual’s decision to attend.

Some of the scare zones take place within our rides and attractions, therefore the standard ride restrictions will apply.

Unfortunately the scare attractions are not accessible for people in wheelchairs or those with mobility issues due to narrow corridors, uneven ground, steps and tight spaces.

1. What are the event and attraction opening times?

The event will open on select dates in October and November from 7pm until 11pm. The Bar will remain open until late. Last entry to the event is at 9pm.

Please note that the attraction queue lines will close at 10.30pm. We advise during peak nights to arrive at the opening time to make the most of your evening.

2. How do I buy tickets and are they refundable?

You can buy tickets in advance via our website at a discounted rate. Early Bird discounted rates are available until 31st August. Tickets will also be available on the door subject to availability - please check in advance. Tickets are non-refundable or transferable.

3. Entry and Security

Halloween Unfairground has an onsite security team and all bags will be searched before entry into the event and random spot checks will be in operation throughout the night.

4. Can I dress up at the event?

While fancy dress is encouraged at the event, full or half face masks, offensive costumes or costume props will not be allowed into the event. In order to enter the attractions: all hoods must be removed for the safety of the actors.

5. What will my standard ticket get me into?

Your ticket will allow you entry into all five of the scare attractions as well as unlimited rides for the evening.

6. Are the attractions scary?

The attractions are designed to scare you. The Grand Pier has issued an advisory rating of 12+ on all five scare mazes.

7. Will the actors touch me?

The actors inside the attractions may touch you, and at the same time you are not permitted to touch them. For your safety, guidelines are clearly signposted at the entrance to each attraction stating the house rules; by entering the queue line you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Failure to adhere to them will result in removal from the Event.

8. What effects do you use?

The attractions all feature the use of flashing lights, strobe lighting, smoke effects, smells, and loud sounds. You may also experience elements of complete darkness and tight spaces within the attractions.

9. If I get scared, can I get out?

Once you enter any of the attractions you are committed to follow through to the end. It is only in extreme circumstances that you will be taken out early.

10. Prohibited items inside the attractions

Flashlights or mobile phones used as torches or deemed filming or using photography within the mazes will be removed and returned at the end.

Outside, please take as many pictures as you like, however no filming or photography is permitted inside the scare mazes themselves.

Failure to adhere to these rules will spoil the experience for everyone involved and could result in your removal from the event.

11. Is food and drink available?

Hot food will be available to purchase from Captain Jack’s bar from 7pm until 10pm. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages will be served from the bar until 11pm.

12. Is there an ATM at the park?

Yes there is a cash machine located in the main pavilion.

13. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages will be sold on site and must be consumed within the designated areas. You must be 18 or over to purchase alcohol and we will be running the Challenge 21 scheme. It is strictly prohibited to bring your own alcohol into the event, and anyone found doing so will be escorted out of the park with no refunds.

14. Are you wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately the scare attractions are not accessible for people in wheelchairs or those with mobility issues due to narrow corridors, uneven ground, steps and tight spaces.

15. Will I get wet?

Some of the attractions will feature small quantities of water so you may get slightly wet.

Our previous visitors said...

It was a fantastic event. The freak show maze was fantastic. Very good night and very good value.

(Halloween Unfairground 2018)

I went last night. Was so good. Deffo going next year if you’re doing it again. Loved it.

(Halloween Unfairground 2018)

Amazing actors and staff! We had lots of fun last night! Thank you!

(Halloween Unfairground 2018)

Fair play grand pier. You scared me! Really, well done.

(Halloween Unfairground 2018)

It’s was really fun thank you!

(Halloween Unfairground 2018)

Wow! That was incredible! Well done everyone involved! Thank you! Just brilliant.

(Halloween Unfairground 2018)

Really liked "Freak Show", Well done on your first true scare maze and was a really good length.

(Halloween Unfairground 2018)

Brilliant evening!! laughed, screamed and jumped so high! Well done to all the actors & staff.

(Halloween Unfairground 2018)